Brand Identity


Consistent with the enterprise’s pursuit of the core value of happiness, CHIMEI brand is also built on this core value of “happiness”. The vision of CHIMEI is to create a world of happiness where “wonder” and “beauty” fill the lives of people. Therefore, in addition to the original aesthetic design of each product, CHIMEI incorporates the promise of a high performance /price ratio into the concept of “providing high quality products with superior value but affordable price” throughout the design of all products. We believe that the purpose of a brand is to “create happiness for mankind”. Therefore, CHIMEI continues to create value and infuse the concept into the brand and products, striving to create products of supreme quality. CHIMEI also believes that only affordable products with high quality can be considered good products.

Brand Identity

Chimei besides such flagship products as LCD/LED TV, LCD/LED displays and LED lighting products.

is a direct transliteration of the company’s Chinese name 奇美 and is pronounced “Chee-may”. The design concept is drawn from “humanism” and “integrity”. The letter I and H depicts the contours of the human body, diffusing from the waist towards the four angles to represent the company’s respect of humanity. The indigo color symbolizes “integrity and trustworthiness”; therefore, the indigo color commonly found in traditional ceramics is used to represent maturity and nobility, scientific logic and trust.

Intellectual Property and Patents

  • All CHIMEI’s LCD/LED display products are certified compliant with ISO9001, WEEE, ROHS, EAQA, ergonomics, Energy Star Taiwan and other international domestic environmental/energy standards, EMI and product safety labels.
  • Besides such flagship products as LCD/LED TV, LCD/LED displays and LED lighting products, the B2C consumer products and social welfare services available under the CHIMEI brand include frozen foods.
  • The MPEG, LA, and SRS used in all CHIMEI’s LCD/LED display products are licensed intellectual property.
  • CHIMEI currently owns 11 patents for lightweight flat panel display technology with convenient standing and wall-mounted options, and LED lighting fixtures.

Innovative Services

  • The 30.333 service policy - LCD displays
    (including 30-day new-unit replacement, 3-year full-unit warranty, 3-year warranty for the panel, 3-year house pickup/drop off service, and 1-year no defective pixel warranty).
  • Unprecedented 3-year full-unit warranty - multimedia LCD displays
  • One-year free house pickup/drop off service - LED lighting fixtures, air purifiers, and DC fans.



+886-2-8227 1133 (Taipei Office )
+886-6-279 8080 (Tainan Headquarters)