Corporate founder

CHIMEI Group and the Founder

CHIMEI Group, founded by Mr. Wen-Long Shi in 1960 and headed by CHIMEI Corporation, was the pioneer in the manufacture of acrylic sheets in Taiwan. CHIMEI has been a leader in the global petrochemical industry for over 50 years. CHIMEI is listed as a top 100 Global Chinese Enterprise and has been honored as the best model “enterprise of happiness” in Taiwan. CHIMEI achieved No. 1 global ABS/AS production capacity in 1990, and the Group was selected as a Benchmark Enterprise by CommonWealth Magazine for five consecutive years from 2004 to 2008, the No. 1 Most Desired Enterprise by Career Magazine in 2004, the Asia Fabulous 50 by Forbes from 2006 to 2007, one of the Top Ten Most Respected Corporate Citizens by CommonWealth Magazine in 2006, and won a Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views magazine for two consecutive years from 2007 to 2008.

Businesses of CHIMEI Group

In the past half century, CHIMEI Group has continuously upgraded its production and strived for high growth. In addition to long-term development in the petrochemical industry, CHIMEI Group has extended its ambitions to five different industries, including electronics, food, construction, trading and logistics, and a non-profit charitable organization targeted to service the community. In 2011, the annual revenue of the Group exceeded NT$201.7 billion and the number of employees reached 16,000. The Group continues to grow at a steady pace.

奇美集團事業群-包括電子家電,如液晶電視,燈具, 電風扇, 空氣清淨機
Petrochemical Materials
Chi Mei Corporation
Zhenjiang CHIMEI Chemical
Chi Mei Materials Technology
Chi Mei Visual Technology
Chi Mei Visual Technology
Nexgen Mediatech
Photonics Technology
Chi Lin Tech
Chi Lin Optoelectronics
Chi Mei Transmit Precisions
GIO Optoelectronics
Health Care
Chi Mei Medical Center
Chi Mei Medical Center
Chi Mei Trading
Chi Mei Storage
Poly Tech. Engineering
Lian Ci Development
Chi Mei Logistics
CMS Technology
Creative and Life
Creative and Life
Chi Mei Frozen Food
Chi Mei Café
Chi Mei Fine Art
Culture and Charity
Chi Mei Culture Foundation
Chi Mei Museum Foundation
Tree Valley Foundation

*Other Key Investment: Innolux Crop. & CMLT

Founder’s Story


Hsu Wen-Lung, the founder of Taiwan’s Chi Mei Group, started his company in 1953 at the age of 25 with seed capital of just NTD 20,000 (about USD $700) and 4 employees. Over the next 50 years, he built the company into a vast global conglomerate composed of 31 related enterprises focusing on (but not limited to) plastics and petrochemicals.

1In 1997 at the age of 69, he boldly led the organization in its transformation to a consumer electronics brand. In 2002, the group’s first publicly listed company—Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) was established, and quickly became the world’s leading LCD panel maker, with a current global market share as high as sixty percent.

At this point, Hsu Wen-Lung believes that “the brand is the lifeline of the enterprise’s continued future operations.” For the entire CHIMEI group to continue with a long-term development horizon, the brand must be understood as the core of the group’s future. This is why the CHIMEI brand was established in 2006, as the group’s grand entrance into the consumer electronics product market for LCD monitors and LCD TVs.

Hsu Wen-Lung enjoys playing the violin and the mandolin and fishing. He is a person with a straightforward personality who likes to take the time to think things over. The enterprises that he has operated run the gamut - From steamed buns to electronics, from acrylic sheets to panels, from petrochemicals to Western paintings, he has had a hand in them all. Hsu Wen-Lung has been called the “Father of Taiwanese Acrylic” and “The Global ABS King” because of the global reputation of the acrylic products he produced and his factories’ ABS capacity. He is on the Forbes magazine list of global billionaires, and he is also the rare powerful Taiwanese business tycoon who also finds time to excel as an artist.



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