Press Release

CHIMEI Aims for NT$ 5 Billion Revenue

CHIMEI's new products for 2010 were showcased at the CHIMEI sales partners conference at the World Trade Center Association Club in Taipei recently. New products include: a thin WLED backlight TV, a 240-Hz LCD TV, wireless DLNA for LCD TVs, an ultra-large LCD TV, as well as new monitor models featuring energy-efficient, cross-platform, and 3D LCD monitors. At the event, CHIMEI also announced a new revenue target of NT$ 5 billion for the Taiwan market next year.
Under the new target, large-sized LCD TV panels (over 37 inches) should continue their market dominance, contributing over 75% to total revenue. Mainstream X-Series products will contribute 30%. This revenue target will not only enhance overall profit, but also strengthen CHIMEI’s Number 1 branding position in Taiwan. As for LCD monitors, products over 21.6 inches will contribute over 60% of revenue, and contribution from energy-efficient and ultra-thin LCD products is projected to be 30%. 
CHIMEI Vice President Liang-Bin Cheng (鄭良彬) said that about 800,000 LCD TVs were sold in Taiwan in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 23% over last year, meaning total sales for the year are estimated to be 1.05 million units. Among these products, large-sized TVs are enjoying the fastest growth. For example, 42-inch LCD-TVs, the mainstream models, have shown a growth rate of 40%, and consist of 25% of total sales. Furthermore, LCD TV models over 52-inches have also enjoyed a growth rate of over 30%. At the same time, smaller sized models, (22- to 26-inches) showed 50% growth, while the sales of mid-sized products (32- and 37-inches) have slowed down. The fact that large 
and small-sized products have gained the major momentum for continuous growth indicates growth of the overall market for product upgrades and additional purchases, as well as a general market recovery. CHIMEI is therefore very positive about prospects for 4th quarter sales this year.
Cheng also added that although the economy seems to have bottomed and stabilized, there has not been a clear signal yet for the recovery of the LCD industry. As a result, no price increases can be expected in the near future. This is good news for downstream distributors in the LCD industry. 
Cheng further pointed out that CHIMEI LCD TV has retained its Number 1 market position in units shipped. Monthly shipments for September and October both reached 15,000 units, meaning the annual sales target of 150,000 units should be achieved – a 30% increase over last year. As for the LCD-monitor sector, CHIMEI will also remain among the top 2 in market share, and annual shipments will be roughly 250,000 units – an increase of about 20% compared to last year. 
CHIMEI is committed to building the leading LCD brand in terms of customers, mind share, satisfaction and market share. CHIMEI will continue to improve product and service quality and provide cutting edge products as it leverages the group’s integrated resources and branding investment. To secure its leading position, CHIMEI will also partner with channel distributors by fulfilling their concerns and providing reasonable profit-sharing models, in the meantime adopting fast-responding and flexible marketing strategies and providing superior performance/cost ratio products. 



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