Press Release

CHIMEI Crowned Brand of the Year in “Best Agency & Advertiser of the Year 2010”

After being named the Ideal Brand of the Year by Management Magazine and Business Today, CHIMEI scooped up three more awards: Brand of the Year, Advertiser of the Year, and runner-up for Best Marketing Partner in the "Best Agency & Advertiser of the Year 2010”, jointly organized by the Taiwan Advertisers Association and Brain Magazine, adding another impressive feat to CHIMEI''s long list of international achievements. 
The newly established Brand of the Year award is the most important of the "Best Agency & Advertiser of the Year 2010” awards. After evaluating professional criterions, including market share for the past three years, brand image, reliability, product quality, brand value, understanding of consumer needs and innovation management, CHIMEI won over the judges, capturing the title with its precise marketing, innovation and strategic partnerships. Such a distinction not only demonstrates the strength and ability of CHIMEI’s marketing team, but has also propelled CHIMEI into becoming the local benchmark for excellence. 
Mr. Cheng Liang Bin, CEO of CHIMEI, said, “CHIMEI has advanced steadily towards becoming a private brand in recent years, and our efforts have been manifested in the results. We strive to extend our company culture of “Happiness“ to the consumers through our products and services, and offer high quality products and real value for money while actively promoting social responsibility. To receive such a distinction is an honor and a great encouragement for our marketing team. After building a solid foundation in Taiwan, CHIMEI''s next step will be to expand into overseas markets and continue bringing "Happiness” to consumers worldwide.” 



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