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CHIMEI LCD Display win the Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brands Gold Medal” award for the second year in a row

In late 2009, the Institute for Information Industry’s Analysis of LCD DISPLAY Consumption and Brand Preferences survey showed that the mind share held by leading Taiwanese brand CHIMEI had already surpassed that of many leading home appliance vendors; CHIMEI was one of the Top 2 LCD DISPLAY brands that consumers were most interested in purchasing. Yesterday (April 28), it was revealed that CHIMEI had won the 2010 Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brands Gold Medal”, making this the second year in a row that CHIMEI has received this award. For a relatively young brand which got off to a late start in the LCD DISPLAY business, this represents an impressive achievement.
Liang-Bin Cheng, CHIMEI’s Vice President for Brand Development, said that “Last year, CHIMEI sold over 150,000 LCD Displays, giving it the highest market share in Taiwan. We have continued to hold the number one spot in the first quarter of 2010. And it is not just market share! The fact that CHIMEI has won the “Trusted Brands Gold Medal” for two years in a row shows that our mind share is rising too; consumers feel more positively about the CHIMEI brand, and their loyalty to the brand has increased. Besides constituting recognition of CHIMEI’s achievements, this should be a source of encouragement for all Taiwanese brands.” 
CHIMEI only began own-brand operations four years ago. Winning the “Trusted Brands Gold Medal” two years in a row, and coming out ahead of well-established Taiwanese brands and Japanese and Korean appliance vendors, is an impressive achievement. Liang-Bin Cheng explains how CHIMEI was able to do this: “CHIMEI has always worked hard to boost customer satisfaction, so that our products can bring real happiness to the consumer. We want consumers to be able to buy a high-quality product that will give them joy, at a reasonable price. In line with CHIMEI’s brand vision of ‘fine but inexpensive products bringing superb value,’ we have remained committed to creating LCD DISPLAY with a high price/performance ratio that meet consumers’ real needs. I believe that this is the main reason why the CHIMEI brand has won the trust of consumers in Taiwan.” 
Reader’s Digest’s “Trusted Brands” survey is now entering its 12th year. Every year, Reader’s Digest rates brands according to seven criteria: value, brand image, reliability, quality, understanding of consumer needs, innovation, and social responsibility. CHIMEI’s performance in all of these criteria has been outstanding, confirming that, for consumers, CHIMEI is already the most trusted domestic brand. 
In the future, CHIMEI will continue to work tirelessly to innovate and to achieve further improvements in service quality and corporate social responsibility. CHIMEI will be striving to perfect itself in every aspect of its operations, as it seeks to bring happiness into the homes of very family in Taiwan.



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