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CHIMEI Swan Series LED Desk Lamp Wins 2011 iF Design Gold Award in Germany

2010 has been a successful year for the world class LCD maker CHIMEI, whose LED desk lamp recently received the “iF Design Gold Award”, adding another accolade to CHIMEI’s international achievements.
CHIMEI’s new Swan series LED desk lamp garnered the approval of the iF design award judges with its elegant appearance and innovative user-oriented design which reduces eye-strain. The design allows users to adjust the lamp brightness with a simple contact memory button, and in a break from the typical blue LED lightings, CHIME LEDs boast a color rendering index above Ra80 to reflect the natural hues of different objects. Its patented “V-CUT filter” makes for warm, anti-glare lighting, and the lamps offer a daylight color temperature of 6500K, ideal for reading, and 1300 Lux (35m from desk) for more detailed work. CHIMEI LED desk lamps feature wide luminous range, long lifespans, UV-free output and mercury-free production that conform to current energy-efficient and eco-friendly market trends, which played no small part in their winning the iF design award.
Mr. Yu Min Le, Head of the LCD Department and Lighting Unit of CHIMEI, said that “CHIMEI branched out into the LED desk lamp market in early 2010. We insisted on using safe and eco-friendly LED materials and created a new consumer-based approach towards lighting functions to provide consumers with reliable products while at the same time protecting the environment. By thinking outside of the box, CHIMEI created this modern streamline design that accentuates any living space. Desk lamps are no longer just tools for illumination; they have become an essential aesthetic element in every household. CHIMEI is committed to providing quality products that bring real happiness to consumers, and winning the German iF award so soon after our launch has greatly motivated the Lighting Unit. In the future, CHIMEI will continue to light up peoples lives and bring happiness to every corner of the home.” 
This award-winning lamp is also available with CHIMEI LED monitors throughout the year end promotion period. From 18/11/2010 to 6/2/2011, take home this iF award-winning LED desk lamp with purchase of selected CHIMEI products.



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