Press Release

CHIMEI is honored as one of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands, marking new heights of achievement for CHIMEI’s “joyful brand”

Taipei – CHIMEI, Taiwan’s most popular domestic LCD panel and product brand, has been included in the list of the “Top 100 Taiwan Brands”! The Top 100 Taiwan Brands awards competition was sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and organized by TAITRA. Following a rigorous three-stage selection process lasting more than six months, the CHIMEI brand was chosen from out of 498 leading brands for inclusion in the Top 100 Taiwan Brands list. With its reputation for high quality, value and reliability, and its commitment to maintaining high product standards and providing customers with a guarantee of quality and performance, CHIMEI has won plaudits both from consumers and from the judges in the Top 100 Taiwan Brands awards, securing it a place in the Top 100.
The CHIMEI brand has won the “Trusted Brand” Gold Medal and “Best Brand Award” for three years in a row. Other major awards that CHIMEI has been honored with include Taiwan’s “Symbol of Excellence” award, the “Taiwan Superior Brands” award, the “Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Communication – Best Brand Award”, and Germany’s iF design award. This year’s inclusion of CHIMEI in the computer hardware, electronics, electrical appliance, and communications industry categories of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands rankings is a further testimony to the top-ranking mind share that CHIMEI enjoys among Taiwanese brands. 
Ben Cheng, NEXGEN Mediatech President and head of brand development for the Chi Mei Group, who is responsible for overseeing CHIMEI’s global branding operations, explains that the widespread praise CHIMEI has received from so many different quarters is a reflection of CHIMEI’s steadfast commitment to providing consumers with high-quality, reasonably-priced products, and, more importantly, of CHIMEI’s success in providing consumers with an “all-round joyful experience” that involves bringing the individual consumer maximum happiness in every single detail of the product that consumers can see, hear, touch or feel. In 2011, besides maintaining its status as the leading LCD panel and products brand in Taiwan, CHIMEI will also be stepping up its global marketing efforts, strengthening its overseas brand development operations and developing a range of new products and business areas, as it works to establish itself as one of Taiwan’s Top Ten global brands. 
To celebrate CHIMEI’s inclusion in the Top 100 Taiwan Brands list in the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, CHIMEI is providing a special “low-carbon footprint” 42-inch LED TV (the TL-42Z8000D model) as a prize for one of the activities accompanying the Top 100 Taiwan Brands exhibition. CHIMEI will also be launching a special commemorative 42-inch 3D LED TV, which is the first low-carbon 3D LED TV of its kind in the world (with carbon emissions that are 50% lower than normal for LED TVs), this year. CHIMEI hopes that this concrete step to help combat climate change will encourage other brands to position themselves as “green brands” and work together to develop green production and green design, in a joint effort to help save the planet. 
CHIMEI will be showcasing its outstanding technological capabilities at the “Technology Strength Perfection Party,” hosted by Jacko Chiang, which will be held at the K-MALL plaza in front of Taipei Station on July 29, 2011. CHIMEI will also be taking part in the Top 100 Taiwan Brands Exhibition that will be held at Taipei’s Huashan Creative Park on August 5 – 9, 2011. Members of the public are welcome to attend these activities, where they will be able to experience for themselves the joyful appeal of CHIMEI products.



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