Press Release

CHIMEI’s Swan Series anti─glare LED desk─lamps win a Red Dot award

Once again, CHIMEI has something to celebrate! The brand’s stylish Swan Series anti-glare LED desk-lamps, which have already won an iF Design Gold Award (one of the world’s most prestigious design awards) have now also won an award in Germany’s Red Dot design awards, the “Oscars” of the design world, constituting additional international recognition for CHIMEI’s outstanding innovation and design capabilities. CHIMEI’s Swan Series anti-glare LED desk-lamps combine elegant styling with a range of attractive color tones, making them perfect for anyone, no matter what your color matching preferences are. These refined desk-lamps can add an extra touch of aesthetic beauty to any home. Their natural color rendition sets off a woman’s make-up to outstanding effect; the Swan Series desk-lamps also feature energy-saving, ultraviolet radiation-free design that helps to protect the skin, making this a high-fashion lighting product that can help female consumers to look their best! 
Max Yu, the head of CHIMEI’s Brand Development Division, says that CHIMEI’s anti-glare LED desk-lamps’ success in winning both Germany’s iF design award and the Red Dot award has been very encouraging for the brand. CHIMEI insists on using only the healthiest, safest, most environmentally-friendly LED materials. CHIMEI’s innovative, ergonomic lighting products are 100% made in Taiwan, providing peace of mind for consumers, while also helping to save energy and protect the environment. CHIMEI’s Swan Series anti-glare LED desk-lamps feature a smooth, streamlined appearance and a wide range of different color schemes. Their elegant lines create a luxurious, high-fashion look which has proved very popular with female consumers, with the natural color rendition being particularly widely praised. In the future, CHIMEI will continue to develop user-friendly technologies that can provide an even better lighting experience for all the family. 
CHIMEI’s Swan Series anti-glare LED desk-lamps are leading the way in high-fashion lighting. With their elegant, swan-like curves and innovative, ergonomic design, they have won widespread acclaim from design award juries. The stepless touch dimmer switch (with memory) makes it easy to adjust the brightness level to meet the needs of the individual user. CHIMEI’s anti-glare LED desk-lamps also feature natural color rendition, so that objects illuminated by the lamps have the same beautiful colors that they would if lit by natural light, making these lamps ideal for women to check their make-up. The patented “V-CUT” anti-glare filter, which is unique to CHIMEI, provides outstanding anti-glare performance, ensuring that the light emitted by the LED lamp is smooth and even. With a color temperature of 6,300K and luminosity of 1,300 Lux (at a distance of 35 cm from the plane of illumination), ensuring first-class brightness, and making these desk-lamps an ideal light source for women to use when applying or checking make-up or skin-care products. CHIMEI’s anti-glare LED desk-lamps have a wide emission profile and a product lifespan of up to 50,000 hours; no mercury is used in the production process, and no ultraviolet light is produced by the lamps. These are some of the factors that led to the Swan Series desk-lamps being chosen to receive the Red Dot design award. CHIMEI has launched three ranges of anti-glare LED desk-lamps. The Swan Series (10B2) is available in six different color schemes: red, pink, white, blue, dark blue, and black.



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